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3 Minute Nasal Swab. Your sample is processed immediately using the FDA Approved INDICAID™ COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Kit.
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Who should get an Antigen Test?

We recommend COVID-19 PCR testing as the most accurate test for diagnosing current coronavirus infections. We recommend considering antigen testing if any of these circumstances apply:
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You are exhibiting coronavirus symptoms

You think you have been infected for approximately 2-5 days

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You are in a time-critical circumstance

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Visiting an environment where regular mass testing is required.

Our Testing Sites

Brooklyn, NY - Ocean Parkway

Mon-Sun: 8AM - 7PM
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Manhattan, NY - 3rd Avenue

Mon-Sun: 8AM - 7PM
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Queens, NY - Jamaica Hills

Mon-Sun: 9AM - 7PM
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Testing For Minors

We know that COVID-19 doesn’t just affect adults. With schools, daycares and even some restaurants requiring proof of Covid status, testing has become essential for everyone. We makes it easy for parents. Just schedule online and our expert team will be waiting for you. We’ll get you in and out fast, making the process as comfortable as possible for children.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Covid Care?

COVID Care NJ | NY is a platform built to enable access to Covid-19 testing for everyone. We operate in New Jersey and New York and deliver a mobile testing capability across the entire state free of charge for anyone needing a test. Our goal is to enable our economies to re-open safely.

How can I get tested?

Simply book an appointment on our website. Arrive at the testing site 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Once there, our clinicians will guide you through the next steps.

How will I get my results?

You will receive an e-mail once the results are received from the lab. You will be able to download your result report in PDF format to easily share it with your employer, family or airline.

Is It Really $0 Cost to Patients?

Our Standard PCR and Antigen tests are 100% free if you are uninsured as you will be covered by the federal state program. If you are insured, you will have $0 Co-Pay.

What kind of COVID-19 Tests are available?

The PCR test is the gold standard when it comes to diagnosing COVID-19. Our Free Standard PCR Tests will deliver results within 24 hours.

Rapid Molecular PCR tests work by rapidly copying the virus’s genetic material and amplifying the virus’s genetic material as the test is running. This allows molecular tests to detect whether SARS-CoV-2 is present at much lower viral levels. Our Rapid PCR Tests cost $175 and will deliver results in 1 Hour.

Antigen tests work by detecting specific proteins on the surface of the virus and results can be delivered within 15 minutes, but antigen tests have a higher rate of false-negatives.

How are we staying safe and clean?

Covid Care has implemented safety plans at each location to emphasise hourly sanitising of regularly trafficked areas. All staff are trained to use PPE and additional precautions as appropriate and all visitors and staff must use a face covering while in the clinic. Hand sanitizing stations are placed throughout the clinic for frequent use of staff and visitors as needed.

What can I expect during my covid-19 testing appointment?

Covid-19 testing appointments may be made online or seeked out by walking into any site. Once inside, our Covid Care team will invite you to submit your details online using your own device, a Medical Assistant will take your vitals and a provider will evaluate you either onsite or virtually and be able to answer any questions you have about COVID-19. Following this, the MA will proceed to collect your testing sample and conclude your appointment. Your results will be sent to you via the email provided the same day of appointment.

What is your timeline for results?

Click on the drop off-days below to get an estimate of when your results will arrive.

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9 pm Tue - 9 am Wed

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9 pm Thurs - 9 am Fri

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9 pm Fri - 9 am Sat

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9 pm Sat - 9 am Sun

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9 pm Mon - 9 am Tue

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9 pm Tue - 9 am Wed